Can’t understand why you are having so much trouble learning English?

Creative visualization can help you:

  • Identify blockages to language learning
  • Clear those blockages
  • Absorb a second language more easily

Whether it’s

  • An athlete picturing himself receiving a medal
  • A sick person visualizing good health
  • A sales representative who sees herself achieving her goals
  • A company president working to achieve his inner vision
  • A woman imagining herself in her dream home
  • A man daydreaming of the ideal vacation
  • Human beings imagining peace on earth

Or simply

  • The desire for a stylish garment
  • Aspirations for a better job
  • A yearning for a new car

We all use the power of creative visualization. Can we control this power? Are we aware of the images we generate?

Do we draw the things we really wish for into our lives?

Through our creative imagination, we observe, feel, perceive, and listen to the world in order to discover the past and invent the future. This technique can be used in health, sports, business, arts, psychology, and performance… It enables us to better control our bodies and our lives

Using creative visualization, preceded by a relaxation technique that helps us make the best use of our imagination, we create the conditions to allow our deepest desires to become reality.

Visualization is not a magic wand. It is a technique that enables us to use a tool we all have: our subconscious. It’s the tool of winners everywhere.

First session

$100/90 min

Additional sessions

$75/60 min

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