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School specialized in business courses and private lessons.


Our customers are satisfied and recommend us to their friends!


Five conversation programs to satisfy all tastes.


Presentations, meetings, emails, customer service …

Give yourself the freedom of bilingualism!

You wish to learn english or french?

The Grandmaison Language School offers French courses, English Courses and other languages courses that meet today’s needs and reality.

Established for more then 50 years, we count on experienced and talented instructors as well as on a teaching method that prioritizes discussion and supervised dialog, for quick results.

Our classes are mainly offered in our offices in Montreal, or at your corporate location or home in the greater Montreal, on the South shore (Longueuil, Brossard, etc.) and in Laval.

You want a full conversation class? a writing class? a mix class? We can tailored cut a course for you.

Welcome – we serve you with pleasure for more than 50 years!

People learning a second or third language are always interesting to know!

Whatever your reasons—a new job, a promotion, travel plans, a new love interest, or any other reason—you are showing that you’re a doer by taking action to make your dreams come true.

So we look forward to meeting you! And to serving you, too!

We make a point of custom-tailoring courses to your needs. We use your placement test to determine the best course content for you, based on your objectives.

Of course, your commitment to learning plays a crucial role in your success. The more you immerse yourself in your new language by listening to the radio, watching TV, reading, writing, and otherwise using your newfound knowledge, the faster you will learn.

To be more effective, devote a few minutes every day to your new language. You’ll discover that it makes all the difference!

We are happy to serve you and will do everything we possibly can to ensure your entire satisfaction.

We look forward to working with you as you undertake this personal challenge.

A bit of our history!

In the beginning

Guy Pagé, the founder of the school, created the CCFACenter conversation method. Under his approach, small groups met for their lessons at round tables located in a large room.

Since 1970, our original method has helped over 20,000 people, including hundreds of employees from major corporations and organizations like Radio-Canada, Hydro-Québec, UQAM, Royal Bank of Canada, Conjuchem, CIBC, National Bank of Paris, La Presse, The Gazette, Caisses Desjardins, Vidéotron, Talvest, and many more.


A new name

A few years after acquiring CCFA Center, Ms. Grandmaison realized that the name CCFA Center was still little known after 30 years, even among active clients.

Despite major investments in advertising, the acronym—Cours de Conversation Française ou Anglaise—had simply failed to catch on. At that point, she decided to give the school a new name that was simpler and easier to remember: Grandmaison Language School.

École de langues Grandmaison
407, rue McGill,
bureau 700
Montréal QC H2Y 2G3

Phone : (514) 985-2414

Email : reception@ecoledelanguesgrandmaison.com 

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