Business French

The development of French for Francophones

This course is intended for French speakers (whose mother tongue is French or who have a very good knowledge of French) who have completed high school and who have difficulties in written French.

Based on the booklets Learning the grammar of written French written by Claire Asselin and Anne McLaughin, this course served as a catch-up for tens of thousands of college and university students. This material contains content that meets real needs, not a reproduction of the table of contents of traditional grammars, let alone a list of the most devious snares of the French language.

Learning the grammar of written French

  • A learning method already used by 40,000 people, self-taught or enrolled in a college or university course;
  • Selected content following an analysis of the most frequent errors, presented in an order that ensures progressive learning;
  • An educational approach based on the inductive process, allowing one to build one’s own knowledge;
  • Powerful analytical tools;
  • Numerous exercises, a corrected with explanations, a self-assessment test at the end of each chapter;
  • Summaries, warnings against common mistakes, mnemonic devices, historical notes, remarks intended for “buffs” of grammar.

Business French

We use material produced by the Office québécois de la langue française, which allows us to always be on the cutting edge of correct use. In addition, our students can benefit from many resources available on the Internet.

French in the office is the essential reference book for anyone concerned with their language. French in the office is the language guide adapted to the realities of the world of work.

We use material produced by Office de la langue française, which keeps us on the cutting edge of current French usage. What’s more, it gives our students the opportunity to benefit from numerous resources available over the Internet.

Le français au bureau is the reference tool par excellence for anyone who wants to use proper French in written communications. This handy volume is packed with practical tips for all kinds of situations.

Various form letters and other examples of administrative writing are also available for download.

  • Generous advice on addresses, letters, emails, and other forms of administrative and business writing
  • A listing of common anglicisms, errors, and criticized forms of usage, along with the correct alternatives
  • Everything you need to know about language agreement, homophones, hyphenation, compound plurals, the past participle of pronominal verbs, abbreviations, punctuation, and much more.
  • Hundreds of examples and standard forms
  • Illustrations of office supplies and computer equipment
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