French as a Second Language

French, the language of diplomacy. Learn to savor it!

Understanding grammar is one thing, using it in a conversation is another!

Our teachers will make sure you can use the theoretical notions you are learning in everyday conversation.


Our method is designed for adults who want to be able to express themselves more easily in French in professional and social situations. The teacher will complete your training with material adapted to your more specific needs. Complementary online exercises provide additional opportunities to practice your French every day.

The PAR ICI method, French for the North American reality

A progressive learning centered on the North American reality allowing to become familiar with the particularities of the French Quebec language.

Entirely designed by Quebec teachers, each level of the PAR ICI method aims to acquire the skills of a Complete Program (oral production, oral comprehension, written production and written comprehension).

The PAR ICI method encourages learners to put their new language skills into practice in authentic Quebec everyday life situations.

For each level, a complementary exercise book is available.


The Moi, je parle français ! method is made up of five fun exercise books that systematically and gradually teach all the basics of oral French. The five books in the series correspond to the first five levels of the program, each of which lasts 90 hours (time required may vary with student ability).


Lessons are built around everyday situations and model sentences that let you intuitively understand language structure and function. Different types of exercises are used to reinforce student learning, including illustrated exercises, structural exercises, and guided discussions.

Answers to all the exercises are found at the end of each exercise book to encourage individualized learning. All the oral exercises are recorded on an audio CD at the end of each lesson.

At the end of each exercise book is a series of review exercises covering material from the 20 lessons in a different way. There is no answer key for these exercises, which can be used for tests and exams in class.

The Moi je parle français ! method is an effective and enjoyable tool for making it easier to learn French as a second language.

Our teachers are always attentive to the individual needs of their students and work with them to help them attain their objectives. You can count on their support.

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