Business English

Business English

Does your job require you to make presentations, attend meetings, write emails in English, answer the phone or provide customer service? We’ve got just the course to meet your needs—and more!

Intelligent Business Skills Book

Intelligent Business is a dynamic and flexible course with an integrated range of components to develop students’ knowledge of the business world and the skills needed to work within it.

5 levels from Beginner to Advanced

Intelligent Business includes:

  • a wealth of authentic materials, such as articles from The Economist, to engage and inspire students
  • practical guidance in writing a wide range of correspondence and emails
  • a Skills Book with highly focused training in functional language and communication strategies used in the workplace, such as closing deals, handling conflict and engaging in public speaking
  • a CD-ROM with interactive exercises and audio and video materials, ideal for self-study.

We offer conversation classes with a focus on the workplace

Full program + Business English
Custom programure

The Essentials of English, A Writer’s Handbook

A handbook, like a dictionary, is a reference book. Specifically, a handbook is a reference book for writers because it contains all, or almost all, of the information that writers need to produce a correct and polished piece of writing.

The piece of writing might be a single paragraph, an essay, a business letter, or a research paper. Independent writers as well as high school and college students will find The Essentials of English a useful addition to their bookshelves.

If you aren’t sure where to put quotation marks, or which words to capitalize, or whether to write one hundred or 100, this handbook will tell you.

If you aren’t sure how to begin an essay or a business letter, you can find suggestions here. It will also show you the correct formats for both.

A handbook is also a concise grammar book, useful for looking up everything from verb forms to article use. While appropriate for native and non-native speakers alike, The Essentials of English was written with the needs of ESL students especially in mind.

Support session

Want to practice that marketing presentation you have to make or work on your interview skills? We can help with role play, specialized vocabulary—whatever you need! We’re there to help…

Here are some interesting additions that can be added to all programs:

Advanced English

Test your vocabulary: Professional English

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