Choose from five English Conversation programs designed for a wide variety of abilities, goals, interests, and tastes.

100% Conversation

Want to improve your English skills? The ten conversation manuals published by Grandmaison Language School are the ideal solution. Each of these graded manuals includes ten topics of conversation, some 100 expressions, and several interesting and informative appendices. Your teacher will guide class discussion and work with you so that you can immediately correct your errors and learn proper use of English expressions.

Material: Conversation fascicule – newspapers – articles

Here are some topics used in language classes

Family relationships
Human relationships
Judiciary power
The fight against time
Climate and the weather
Immigration : dreams of a better life
Endangered nature
Speaking and speech
The individual in society
Good or bad health

Violence and discrimination
Sport et performance
The Press
The freedom of the media
Notions of economics
The computer
Fashion and garments
Business idioms
Business slang

Lots of conversation + a bit of writing + a bit of grammar

In this program, you will use the Grandmaison Language School conversation fascicules and grammar book with exercises (answer key provided). We recommend that you do the grammar exercises on your own to maximize the time spent with your teacher.

During the course, your teacher will ensure that you can use the grammar you have just learned in everyday conversation.

For the written program, you will mainly work with emails you have written during the day. This allows you to immediately put into practice your learning to improve structure, choose appropriate vocabulary, write more clearly, use a wider variety of personalized salutations—and give your email messages a professional touch.

Material: Conversation fascicule – grammar – email messages

Full program

This method allows you to explore every aspect of the English language, including vocabulary, grammar, writing, reading, pronunciation, written comprehension, and more…

Material: Method in ten levels – CD and exercise book available

Full program + Business English

This program not only covers all the aspects of English dealt with in the full program, it also gives you an opportunity to practice specific job-related skills like serving customers by phone, making presentations, conducting negotiations, and participating in meetings. The themes are hands-on and interesting and are closely tied to the workplace and the world of business.

Material: Method in five levels – CD and exercise book available

Personalized program

We custom tailor this program to your specifications. Want to talk about subjects related to your field of work? Need to practice that marketing presentation you have to make or hone your interview skills? We can help with role play, specialized vocabulary—whatever you need!

Material: Determined at interview

Check out these additional options that you can add to all our programs:

Advanced English

Test your vocabulary: Professional English

Contact us for a detailed overview of the program that interests you.

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