The word itself often repels us! Our childhood memories are rarely cheerful with respect
the grammar ! Yet this is only the instruction book of the language …

Our exercise-based grammar program is added in varying proportions to conversation or writing lessons.

You can also use this grammar book with exercises on duty (corrected provided). During your lesson with the teacher, he will make sure that you are able to use in your conversations or writing the covered subject on duty. You maximize your conversation time.

The intentions

Help the student to speak and, as a natural consequence, to write in English correctly, respecting the rules of the language. By understanding the structure of the language, students will be able to express themselves better and will be more comfortable, more spontaneous and more efficient while being able to apply this knowledge to the written word. The exercises present lively and realistic contexts. The approach of our grammar touches conversation, comprehension, writing and reading.

Equipment used

We use three grammars of different levels. Offering a variety of exercises both written and oral, the grammatical concepts are presented in a clear and easy to integrate way. Individual practice exercises allow the student to work by himself. It is complemented by diverse topics of conversation.


  • Make sure the student knows all the rules of English grammar and is able to apply them.
  • Allow the student to recall the knowledge of the English language already acquired in the past.
  • Strengthen the student’s confidence by the complete revision of grammar.
  • To remove the embarrassment of expressing oneself in English.
  • Help the student integrate a list of vocabulary words and English expressions.
  • To stimulate the English conversation and the use of the new subject.
  • To develop automatisms in the English language so that the student thinks in English when he speaks in English.
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